About us

Jasmin & Orchid, formerly Jade's Closet is a Philadelphia-based fashion retailer that seeks to bring out the natural beauty of all women. Opened in 2011 by Jade Okere, Jasmin & Orchid has come to represent the Philadelphia boutique where women go to find the best versions of themselves. The store was founded out of owner Jade Okere's love for fashion and its ability to make a woman’s inner beauty shine forth for the whole world to see.

Jade Okere has created a personal shopping experience for women of various styles, shapes, and sizes. Jade feels that, “When a woman is at ease in her own clothing, her personality pops out more. She is able to be herself, whether she is twirling in front of the bathroom mirror or posing at a paparazzi-filled charity event.” In this vein, Jade’s Closet carries pieces that will make women look stunning at any and all of life’s events.

Jasmin & Orchid perfectly encapsulates a woman’s desire to feel chic and sexy, while remaining comfortable, even at an upscale event. Our customers consistently report that the clothing selection is very different from the other stores in the area. Most customers have never heard of some of the labels, and yet they absolutely love the looks! Both the store’s interior furnishings and its clothing lines embody a stunning, comfortable, and at times sexy vibe.

Shopping at Jasmin & Orchid is like searching through your best friend’s, a celebrity’s, and your own personal closet all at once. This boutique store gives you a glimpse of your past, current, and future fashion trends. After that, Jasmin & Orchid leaves the purchasing decisions up to you. Fashion is about being comfortable in your own skin. Letting your inner beauty shine forth no matter the place or time of day.

At Jasmin & Orchid we believe in getting to know each person as an individual. How can we hope to help you find the perfect outfit, if we don’t take the time to get to know your fashion likes and dislikes? For those customers who want additional style advice, Jasmin & Orchid offers personal consultation services. Jade or her staff will help customers expand their current style or find the perfect outfit for a particular event. Consultation services are free of charge and a great way to stay on top of the latest fashion trends.


Family Roots

Jasmin & Orchid was founded as a family business and remains in the family today. When he’s not busy making layups and winning games, Jade’s brother, Gerald Henderson Jr., NBA superstar for the Philadelphia 76ers, helps out at the boutique. While Jade is the primary buyer, her mom also offers advice and stylistic input. When it comes to Jade’s Closet employees, they are all treated as a part of the family. Jade teaches staff members how to process purchase orders, merchandise, receive inventory, and even takes certain members on buying trips. The store’s dedication to family can also be seen through its support of the local Philadelphia community. Dedication to the community began when Jade’s Closet donated 10 percent of all sales to the Covenant House during the store’s opening week. Each October this tradition is continued with a fundraising charity event. This supportive family mentality is just one of the reasons that Jade’s Closet has been nominated for a Best of Philly after only three months at their new location.

Stay tuned to see how Jade Okere and Jasmin & Orchid are transforming the online and Philadelphia fashion venues. In order to start your next shopping adventure the store can be contacted via email, in-person, or phone!

Clothing and Shoe lines in Jasmin & Orchid: Mara Hoffman, Alexis, ATM, Designers Remix, Gaspari, 2nd Day, GIG, LNA, Sen, Shae, Reese + Riley, , 3x1, Jennifer Chun, Nation Ltd., Feel the Piece, Rails, EsseutEsse, Manebi, Plush and Slowear.

Jewelry and accessory lines in Jasmin & Orchid: Faliero Sarti, Paula Bianco, Annabelle and Adina Reuter Jewelry.


About Jade

Jade Okere, Owner and Buyer, for Jasmin & Orchid is no stranger to the vibrant and ever- changing world of fashion. While most children only picked out one outfit to wear during the day, Jade spent her mornings planning up to three different costume changes. Even at such a young age, Jade felt that fashion was always evolving and, for her personal style, she wanted to be on the forefront of each revolution.

Raised and educated in Villanova, Jade is truly a local girl in every sense of the phrase. It is her unique ability to become completely immersed in a community’s culture that has made her personal and professional life such a success. Prior to opening Jasmin & Orchid, Jade noticed that Philly was lacking stores, which focused on personal style. And that’s when a determined, 2008 Villanova graduate decided it was high time that she took her love of fashion to the people of Philadelphia.

Jade stocks Jasmin & Orchid with different styles, colors, and patterns that are meant to accentuate different aspects of a woman’s individual style. She loves to carry lines that are new, before they have even had a chance to become the “latest fashion trend.” Sen, Shae, and ATM represent a few of the brands that are quickly flying off of the shelves at Jade’s Closet. Jade also carries staples such as Rails and Mara Hoffman. Stay tuned as Jade Okere, fashionista, entrepreneur, and mom, continues to take the Philadelphia fashion world by storm with Jasmin & Orchid.